The Best Memes From The Met Gala

That are SO hilarious, we can't deal...

Words by Lexxi Davis

Ahhh the Met Gala. One of our favourite red carpet events, where the best celebs, come in the most outrageous get ups. This year was no different with the theme in honour of Comme des Garçons figurehead Rei Kawakubo.

Of course in the spirit of the Met Gala meme, they threw some serious shade at some of our fave A-lister’s outfits…

Here’s some of our faves.

Fans were quick to compare Kylie Jenner, (who we think looked smoking hot) with Beyonce’s look from two years back.

Beyonce Kylie met gala 2017 meme

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Jayden Smith caused a bit of a stir by bringing his old hair (!?) as a date, (as apparently he couldn’t bring his sister, Willow Smith). Already a little odd, the internet responded by saying it looked like he brought his own snacks to the red carpet event…

And P Diddy should have seen this coming… You can’t do THIS and not expect the internet to get creative…

*Cue uncontrollable laughter*

P Diddy Met Gala Meme 2017

‘I can show you the world…’

P Diddy Met Gala Meme 2017

And if that wasn’t enough to get you giggling, people seemed to think they’d seen the pattern on his suit before…

Never going for the norm, Solange opted for a padded coat for her red carpet look. And Twitter was fast on the comparison…

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And we just can’t let this one go (see what we did there..) JLo gives Frozen vibes in her caped blue gown.

Lastly, Katy Perry impressed fans by her nod to Lydia Deetz’s bridal outfit in Beetlejuice. Which we kinda loved.

What’s with the mirrors though K-Pez??

You’ve got to love the internet.