So This Is The Career Every Young Person In Britain Wants

According to VoucherCodesPro, the youth of Britain sees only one career choice as the way forward. You might hazard a guess at what that career might be; a musician, maybe? Or an actor, a lawyer, maybe even a doctor? Well, you’d be wrong. 2,348 people were polled, all aged between 18-25, and the majority named blogging as the most attractive career prospect. 

Yup, with the likes of Zoella proving that blogging can earn big bucks, 24% of youngsters agreed that they’d much rather be a megastar on YouTube than a sports star, a politician or a musician. Surprisingly, ‘Musician’ fell at the bottom of the top five jobs with just 7% of people opting for that path in life. 9% wanted to be in politics, 14% chose ‘Doctor’ as their dream and 18% went for sports. 

It’s obviously not that surprising that people would want to emulate the successes of those bloggers who have become household names in the last few years, but it’s still pretty interesting to see exactly why everybody wants to blog. 

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VoucherCodesPro also released the top five reasons why blogging is so attractive, and 26% of people said they chose it because ‘bloggers don’t have to do much work.’ The other reasons included ‘getting good money’ (22% chose it for this reason), ‘being admired by other people’ (19%), ‘it’s easy’ (16%) and ‘bloggers get free stuff’ (11%). 

With reports suggesting that Zoella earns around £20,000 a month from advertisements alone, it’s not hard to see why young Britons would view blogging as the easiest, most accessible way of making money quickly. Apparently, three quarters of those surveyed have even tried blogging for themselves, which suggests they’re on the right track to achieving their dream career. But with tickets to Zoella’s latest book signing selling out in less than five minutes (yes, really), it seems there might be more to achieving world domination via blogging than after all…