Best Adele Quotes: Her Funniest *Ever* Lines

Adele is hands down one of the most successful British artists of our time.

The 27-year-old is a Grammy and Oscar award-winner, has albums that go platinum every, single, time, and has been named one of TIME magazine’s Most Influential People In The World.

But beneath all of the glitz, fame and glamour is something quite amazing. Because she’s only gone and remained one of the wittiest, gobbiest and down-to-earth ladies in showbiz.

Yep, music-aside, we love Adele for her totally brilliant one-liners. Whether she’s being ballsy about body image or discussing diva tendencies, Adele never fails to crack us up with her hilariously blunt put-downs.

So, to celebrate the wonder that is Adele and her amazingly outspoken ways, we’ve rounded up our favourite Adele quotes of all time. You’re welcome.

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1) On body confidence


2) On choosing her mates wisely


3) On feminism


4) On Taylor Swift


5) On working out


6) On her signature style


7) On unrealistic standards


8) On rejecting the ‘sex sells’ mantra


9) On diva antics


10) On her fans


11) On her only fear


12) On losing her voice