Benedict Cumberbatch: 9 Reasons We Love Him To Bits

*Swoon* Come on. Does Beneditct Cumberbatch need any kind of introduction?

Since stealing our hearts as the celebrated BBC incarnation of Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock, and then subsequently breaking them (a little bit) when he married theatre director Sophie Hunter back in February, Mr Cumberbatch has certainly taken his devoted ‘Cumberb*****s’ (guilty as charged) on one incredible cinematic and emotional journey over the last few years. From Oscar nominations to becoming a father, Benedict with those trademark floppy locks, killer tailoring and to-die-for quirky smile, is the epitomy of a proper English gent – and we’re ALL about it.

We don’t mind admitting that he’s sat rather happily at the top of team LOOK’s totty list for the last while, and even has his own dedicated office shrine at LOOK towers…

Basically, we love him to the moon and back, and because today is his 39th birthday we want to give you the 9 reasons Benedict rocks our world:

1. The Threads

No doubt about it, The ‘Batch packs some serious game when it comes to style. Whether it’s rocking that signature deerstalker/overcoat combo in Sherlock or nailing Savile Row chic on the red carpet, Benedict always looks fantastically suave. And come on, who else could make a white tuxedo jacket look fly? Amen Ben’.

2. His (Other) TV Work

We love it when Benedict lends his talent to other TV shows outside of Sherlock, our particular favourites being his turn hosting news quiz Have I Got News For You and that time he lost all decorum (and said a rude word) behind the wheel on Top Gear. Plus, he’s also counted with Sesame Street‘s Count von Count. Awesome.

3. He’s A Feminist

Benedict would rather us Cumberb*****s refer to outrselves as ‘Cumberpeople’ as he believes the former term ‘sets feminism back so many notches’. Preach.

4. The Photoboming

Like a naughty public schoolboy, Benedict sees any red carpet or high profile event and gets an overwhelming urge to photobomb. The wee scamp can’t help himself. Wimbledon? The Oscars? The sky is the absolute limit. The U2 photobomb had us lolling for weeks…

5. He Does A Mean Alan Rickman Impression

Reading hip hop lyrics as Alan Rickman? *shrugs* Of course he can.

6. ….And A Pretty Whopper Beyoncé Walk

Benedict recreates Queen Bey’s Crazy In Love walk for Graham Norton. Is there anything he CAN’T do?!

7. Sexual Tension

Sherlock and Watson? Sherlock and Molly? The ‘Batch keeps us all guessing when it comes to Sherlock getting some sexy action. Can we just say though, that kiss he plants on Molly after he stages his own death in season three? Blimey. Just in case you missed it, here it is in SLOW MOTION….(you’re welcome). *has it gotten warmer in here*

8. Sexy Dragon

Benedict has the vocal prowess to make The Hobbit‘s Middle Earth destroying dragon Smaug sound well….a bit sexy. No? Just us? Ok…

9. He’s Just The Bomb

 Happy Birthday Benedict, you lovely, lovely man.