Why Being Single In Your Twenties Is The Best Thing Ever

Now, don’t get us wrong. We all know that there can be some amazing perks to being in a relationship.

Romantic mini-breaks, someone to share the hoovering with, comforting cuddles in the sofa and your own personal chef on tap (if you’re lucky).

But at the same time, isn’t there just something truly magical about being a single lady?

Some of our best (and most exciting) memories were formed during our good old single days (sorry, boys). Because sometimes, being a lone ranger is just SO MUCH FUN.

Here are 17 reasons why being single in your twenties is the best thing ever…

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1) You can lie in bed watching Netflix with Doritoes crumbs in your cleavage ALL day and nobody will judge you.

2) Haven’t shaved your legs in five weeks? Literally no one cares.

3) You can spend as much money as you want in Topshop without anyone branding you ‘reckless’.



4) You can set your desktop background as Ryan Gosling (and occasionally gaze wistfully at it) without anyone getting jealous.

5) Let’s be honest. M&S two dine in for £10 goes a lot further without a boyfriend.

6) You can rock that amazing mesh bodysuit without being asked why you’ve chosen to step out in a pair of fishnet tights. Er, because I look AMAZING?


7) Double bed all to yourself. ‘Nuff said.

8)  Single girl on holiday? The. Most. Fun. Ever.



9) Orange Is The New Black marathon every night of the week? Sure. That remote is all yours.

10) You can be totally selfish with your time. Gym in the morning, drinks after work then an accidental trip to the club? You’re not answering to no one.



11) You’re free to spend your weekends sleeping in and not being told to wake up because your boyfriend is ‘bored’. Shhh.

12) Work drinks, girls’ nights out, girls’ movie nights… Things are just easier when you don’t have to worry about your other half sitting alone at home.

13) You can wear as many rings as you want without wondering whether or not they’lll clash with your engagement rock.



14) You still get to dream about your perfect Prince Charming, without dealing with the reality of cheesy feet and silly arguments. *Sigh*.

15) You don’t have to consult someone else before you make any life decisions. Yes I WILL take that job in Paris, thank you…




16) You can put Beyonce on full blast and dance around your bedroom.

17) You’ve got tonnes of free time, because it’s not like you have a wedding to plan or anything…