Beauty Buzz: Will You Be Trying The Sheet Mask Soon?

Our skin always suffers in January. But luckily, we’ve got a new cult product that may just save it. If you’re a fan of the face mask, then you’re going to love this… 

Noticed a lot of celebrities sharing Instagram selfies of their faces covered in ‘bandages’ lately? Yep, us too.

The Skin Lounge has just launched a new intensive treatment for your face, where cloth and gel masks are enriched with serums to solve your skin concerns.

It’s £18 for a pack of three, which contains a Deep Hydrating Mask, a Firming Lifting Mask and a Pearl Brightening Mask.

Simply unfold the mask, place on clean skin and leave for up to 20 minutes. Remove and massage any excess serum into the skin, neck or backs of hands.

Rita Ora, Lindsay Lohan and Kelly Osbourne are all huge fans, so these savvy skin sheets have already got the celebrity seal of approval.  

Go forth and give your skin a glow!

By Robyn Munson