#BeachBodyNotSorry: The Swimwear Movement We Love

Finally, a bikini campaign we can all relate to. 

The US swimwear brand Swimwear For All has released a summer campaign without a hint of re-touching or air brushing. So refreshing, right? 



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Starring 29-year-old model Denise Bidot, the video aims to inspire confidence in all women, encouraging them to love their body ‘unapologetically’. 

The tagline, ‘Be Unapologetically You’, accompanies the gorgeous shots of Denise rocking a series of different bikinis and all-in-one suits, showing her beautiful body – stretch marks and cellulite included – in all of its glory. 



This campaign speaks volumes, particularly after the UK brand Protein World made headlines with their aggressive billboards, portraying a ‘beach body ready’ model – their words, not ours – adveritising their new weight loss product.

Protein World’s campaign was met with a lot of anger, so it’s no wonder that Swimwear For All’s campaign has received widespread applause.

We’ve all got celulite. We’ve all got stretchmarks. We’ve all got at least one body hang-up.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t step into a swimsuit and completely own it. 



Speaking about the video campaign, Denise said: “There’s no wrong way to be a woman… It’s time to stop apologising. I want women to feel confident and sexy by knowing that there’s nothing wrong with being yourself. Forget all the rules!”

“I’ve learned to love every bit of it. Stretchmarks… Everything that, when I was younger, I thought was an imperfection.”



She hit out: “Curvy women really shouldn’t apologise…”

Hear hear. 

The CEO of Swimsuits For All, Moshe Laniado, explains: “We want women to let go of their anxieties and step out unapologetically this summer.”

What better time to head on over to our swimwear gallery, and get yourself a fabulous new suit?

Oh, and make sure you wear it with confidence…

By Laura Jane Turner