5 Summer Brands To Buy Into Before Anyone Else

Nobody knows about these yet...

There’s something to be said for a label nobody has heard of before. Take Missoma. It didn’t take long for the jewellery brand to hit big time, and we’ll bet all our horn necklaces it had something to do with the fact it’s one of those under-the-radar labels that your friends are way less likely to turn up wearing when you do. Because nobody wants that. Just in time for summer then, we’ve style-scouted the best beach ready brands to snap up before anyone else does. Think fast.


The site states: urban vintage + French flair. Just everything we’ve ever dreamt of, then. We actually came across the brand through its hashtag #JoinThePosse, and if the clothes aren’t enough to sway you, the feed of achingly cool girls that come attached will. All we need now are the exotic backdrops…


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There’s a few things we could say about Oysho, but this’ll probably do: it’s owned by Zara. Yep, owned by Zara, priced like Zara, looks like Zara. It’s basically just a load of Zara beachwear- on a secret site. Keep this one to yourselves, pls.

Bag, £19.99; Dress, £39.99; Headband, £12.99, all Oysho


Nomadic State Of Mind

Gladiator sandals cemented their style status a while back, but this year it’s all about the rustic rope version. And when we say rope, we literally mean rope. Twisted into sliders and sandals, the idea is basic, but the outcome is: 1) Comfortable. 2) Stylish. 3) Instagrammable. What more does a woman need?

Sandals, £35 each



The ‘Rouje’ tee has been doing the Insta rounds, but there’s plenty more to add to your wishlist. There’s plenty to say about why it’s so good, too; founded in Paris (the name gives it away), it’s so sophisticated it hurts. Think mini skirts, Bretons, flares and florals. And it’s <finally> started shipping to the UK. There is a God.


Pirates and Violets

Raffia basket bags come and go, but Pirates and Violets are even better than the rest. They’re circular, come with pom poms and/or tassels <and> you can personalise them. The best bit? They’re all under £40. Initials included.

Bags, £38 each