Does This Man’s Breastfeeding Comments Make You Angry?

BBC radio host Alex Dyke has sparked total fury over a series of ‘ill-judged’ comments he made live on air about women breasfteeding in public.

It’s always been a hotly-debated topic, with tonnes of celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Angelina Jolie and supermodel Doutzen Kroes all recently wading into the argument, but Dyke has just ignited total anger over his outlandish comments. 

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> Gisele is a famous advocate of public breasfteeding


He started his BBC Radio Solent show this morning with a rant. ‘I’ve got one of those taboo subjects that I want to talk about’, he said. 

‘There’s stuff that, particularly in this day and age, guys should say. I’m going to tell you what guys are thinking. It’s 2015. Ladies, mums, we don’t like breastfeeding in public. We don’t. Honestly.’

Alex continued: ‘Breastfeeding’s unnatural. It’s the kind of thing that should be done in a quiet and private nursery. We don’t want it in public, do we fellas? Ladies, maybe you agree with me?’

> Tonnes of celebrities have spoken out for breasfteeding in public


The presenter then went on to to suggest that only women who were good looking should be permitted to do it (seriously??), adding that the women he’d seen public breastfeeding ‘look like Brownie pack leaders’ and ‘have moustaches.’ 

‘Yesterday I was on a bus and a lady was on this bus’, he said. ‘She was quite a big girl, she had a toddler with her, a baby and some shopping. She starts to breastfeed her baby on the bus. I didn’t know where to look. She’s putting me in an embarrassing situation.’ 

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> Listeners expressed their anger on Twitter during the show



Dyke finished by stating it was ‘not a great look.’

The presenters comments quickly caused chaos. A whole host of listeners took to Twitter to blast Alex’s comments, and since the show, a petition on has been launched calling for thim to be taken off the airwaves.

It’s already reached over 4,000 signatures.

> ELLE Australia famously featured a breasfteeding model on the cover


A BBC spokesman has since said: ‘It has made it clear to Alex that his comments were very ill judged and he has apologised for any offence caused.’ 

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