11 Signs You’re A Basic Bitch And Loving It

Basic bitch. According to Urban Dictionary, the definition is: ‘A bitch with a pH value greater than 7′.


It’d be easy to assume that this term was coined by young people. But actually, that may not be true.

An eagle-eyed Twitter user has spotted the term ‘basic’ in a piece by American writer Sylvia Plath – and it appears to have been used in the same context. YES, REALLY.

It pops up in The Unabridged Journals Of Sylvia Plath, which was published in 2000 but contains work penned by the author before her death in 1963.


So while the ‘bitch’ part may have been added later, it seems Sylvia was pretty ahead of her time…

Basic bitches tend to fall pretty heavily into a certain stereotype. We don’t think it’s such a bad label to be lumbered with – although Kate Moss will certainly not agree – because we’d rather be a basic bitch than a nasty one any day. 

It’s safe to say we tick quite a few of these boxes. Do you? 

1. You can quote every episode of Sex And The City.

Including both movies one and two. 

And you think it’s a super cool skill. 

2. Your coffee barista knows your real name. And how to spell it. 

No Starbucks name confusion for you. 

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3. You’ll order water and chips for the table. 


4. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are your favourite thing, like, ever. 

Pumpkin spice candles are pretty awesome too, as it goes. 

5. Your BFFs are totes alw
ays invited to your place, like, obvs. 

But they’re not allowed to touch any of your perfectly placed furniture.

Don’t mess with the feng shui, guys. 

6. You have a go-to Instagram filter.

And a ‘side’ in pictures. 

7. Mean Girls will forever be one of your favourite films.

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8. Lauren Conrad was your fave Hi
lls character. 


She spoke the most sense. 

9. You want to be part of Taylor Swift’s girl squad…

…And 1989 is your most played album on iTunes. 

10. You wouldn’t class yourself as high maintenance… 

…But this list probably sums up your life. 

11. Your fondest memories of growing up were making up Spice Girls dance routines in your bedroom. 


By Laura Jane Turner