Hijab Barbie Is Here, And She’s Totally Striking

Hijab Barbie is here, people.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen Barbie have a whole host of makeovers in a bid to make the popular toy more diverse and realistic. And Hijarbie is the latest fashionista to surface. 

Rocking gorgeous handmade dresses and matching headscarves, Hijarbie is already on Instagram@hijabchickbarbie – and was dreamt up by Nigerian student Hannefah Adam, who decided Muslim women needed their own Barbie icon. 

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And as you can see, she’s totally striking.

This latest news comes after toy manufacturer Mattel announced they would be launching curvy, petite and tall Barbie dolls too. Hallelujah! And that’s not all – the doll will even come in seven different skin types, 22 eye colours and 24 hairstyles.

Evelyn Macozzo, senior vice president of Barbie explains the decision: “Barbie has always given girls choices – from her 180 careers, to inspirational roles, to her countless fashions and accessories. We are excited to literally be changing the face of the brand. These new dolls represent a line that is more reflective of the world girls see around them – the variety in body type, skin tones and style allows girls to find a doll that speaks to them.”






Being a mother of three girls herself, Evelyn adds that Barbie will now wear less make-up, as well as having broader ankles to suit both heels and flats in a bid to represent real women.

And what went down in the testing process proves exactly why the change is so important…

“The adult leaves the room and they undress the curvy Barbie and snicker a little bit,” said Tania Missad, who is in charge of research for Mattel’s female portfolio. “For me, it’s these moments where it just really sets in how important it is we do this. Over time I would love it if a girl wouldn’t snicker and just think of it as another beautiful doll.”

This isn’t the first move Barbie has made to better things. When Mattel collaborated with Moschino to give us their very own Barbie collection late last year, it was the advert’s models that took us by surprise.

Barbie have revealed the first advert in 56 years to feature a male model





Featuring an adorable young boy sporting one totally swoon-worthy mohawk, the commercial marks the first time in 56 years that Barbie have used a male model – and he totally steals the show.

Holding the doll’s miniature purse, he says: “Moschino Barbie is so fierce!”, before giving a cheeky wink to the camera.   

Soon enough, viewers in their masses took to social media to heap their praise on the company.


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One person tweeted: “Kudos to Barbie for having a little boy in their commercial #eliminategendernorms.”

A YouTube user, meanwhile, wrote: “‘This almost made me cry!’ I used to play with my sister’s Barbies and felt such shame afterwards. I’m so glad we can just let kids be kids.”


The Moschino Barbie sold out within one hour of being released in the UK


But for those holding out to see the ad aired on TV, prepare to be disappointed.

In a statement given to BBC news, Mattel have revealed that the ad was actually a “fauxmercial”.

“The video celebrates how boys and girls alike play with Barbie – it’s all about self-expression, fashion, imagination and storytelling,” the statement said.

Mattel added that the commercial was created by them – but with Mr Scott calling the creative shots. In a similar vein, the video is also hosted on Moschino’s YouTube page, not Barbie’s.

In short, it seems like the credit is due to Mr Scott..

“When I dreamt up the concept for the Moschino Barbie fauxmercial, I felt it was natural to have a little boy representing for all the little boys like myself who played with Barbies growing up,” he wrote. “Barbie was more than a toy, she was a muse for me.”

We couldn’t have said it better. Here’s to hoping Jeremy’s move to gender equality is the first of many..