As If Barbara Palvin Is Being Fat Shamed

Obviously, bagging a spot in the Victoria’s Secret line-up and a Sports Illustrated shoot means you’ve got a pretty banging bod, so we couldn’t belive it when we heard Barbara Palvin was being fat shamed over her latest pics. Seriously? Are these people blind?

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Despite looking totally knockout in an parade of colourful one-pieces and bikini’s for Sports Illustrated’s famous Swimsuit issue, the 22-year-old model has been trolled online, with people calling her fat and saying that her body is ‘nothing special’. Erm, are we looking at the same pictures here guys? While we’d be pretty damn happy to look like Miss Palvin in a swimsuit, it seems some people just wanted a chance to be nasty, with comments ranging from ‘You’re so fat sorry Barbara [sic]’ to ‘When her body is not even that bomb but her face is so I have hope kind of’ and ‘She looks pregnant [to be honest]’ Yeah, sure.

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Clearly shocked by the online vitriol, Barbara took to Twitter to take her bullies down, Tweeting, “Woow. I got some nasty comments about me being fat. Well I am not as skinny as I was when I was 18. But I don’t consider myself fat!” That would be because you’re 100% not, Barbara.

Sadly,it’s  not the first time that Hungarian Barbara has come up against comments about her weight since kicking off her career at the age of 13. Last year, it was rumoured that the reason that Victoria’s Secret dropped her from their annual Fashion Show line-up was because she had gained weight, though the brand has not confirmed that that’s true. Thankfully, Barbara’s fans were quick to show their support on social media, hopefully giving her a confidence boost. ‘Makes me physically sick that people are calling Barbara Palvin ‘fat’. These idealistic standards have to stop. #EatingDisorderAwarness’ wrote one. ‘If she’s fat I don’t even know what I am. There’s my new #wcw right friggin’ there’ said another, but our personal fave comeback has to be ‘Wishing I was as fat as @BarbaraPalvin.’ Yep, us too.