Would You Spend £900 On A Carrier Bag?

Balenciaga's latest collection's got everyone talking...

Continuing in their quest to dominate the luxury shopping bag market, Balenciaga have just launched a brand new calfskin leather copy of the disposable paper bags from their stores. Priced at just under £900, their new imitation shopper comes in either black or white and is stamped with the signature Balenciaga logo. It follows a series of luxury revamps from the brand, including the striped leather ‘Bazaar’ bag that looks strikingly like a plastic laundry bag and the much talked about ‘Arena’ bag – the £1600 IKEA tote lookalike.

The new shopping bag just launched as part of a Balenciaga takeover at Paris concept store Colette, which saw the shop become home to an exclusive capsule collection of Balenciaga clothing and merchandise. Alongside the leather shopper (which sold out immediately,) the French fashion house is offering branded lighters for £8, hotel room style key rings for £127 and  luminescent Balenciaga bike bracelets for £17. So although the leather shopper is no longer up for grabs, for just £8 – which admittedly, is expensive for lighter, you could also walk away with the original paper version of the £900 bag.

Whilst we won’t be booking our Eurostar tickets to Paris anytime soon, some might argue that £8 for a branded lighter is a bargain not to be missed, as not only would it be super handy for candle lighting at home, normally Balenciaga customers would have to shell out hundreds of pounds on clothes before getting their hands on any off their in-demand complimentary shopping bags so £8 is a total steal at getting your hands on one.

We can’t wait to see the inevitable memes that come from Balenciaga’s latest launch…

By Amy Czarnecki