Baia Bags: Don’t Miss This Made-To-Order Service

Baia bags may have just given us all the perfect Christmas gift idea. The stunning accessory brand, most known for their leather bags, have got us all thinking of our dream handbag after launching their made-to-order service online. With lots of styles to choose from, it’s the perfect gift for any fashionista (or ourselves), with our fave being the ‘Mini’.

After picking your favourite style, it’s time to get your design head on and choose the colour. And you’re not just limited to one standard colour – you can also pick a different hue for the flap, the sides and even the lining – amazing. Even better, there’s also a range of finishes, including classic leather, suede or our top choice, ponyskin. Plus, you can make it even more personalised by getting a name or message embossed inside.

We’re not the only fans of these super-cute bags, either. Made In Chelsea‘s Rosie Fortescue has also bagged herself a ‘Mini’ in classic black ponyskin and teamed it with an on-trend camo dress. We can’t keep our eyes of this cobalt one, though. Team it with a clashing colour outfit and wear it across your body for extra style points.

Get yours now just in time for Crimbo at and head straight to the made to order section. We hope there’s one under the tree for us!

By Harriet Davey

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