The 2015 Predictions From Back To The Future That Actually Came True

Even if you haven’t seen any of the films from the Back To The Future trilogy, you’re probably aware of its legacy. At any rate, you will be by Wednesday, as that’s the day which famously features in the second installment of the sci-fi series. Yup, released in 1989, Back To The Future II features Marty McFly and Doc Brown entering their time machine to catapult themselves into the distant future: 21st October, 2015. 

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Upon arrival, Marty surveys the futuristic scene, packed with gravity-defying, seemingly impossible gadgets of every kind. At the time (we’re talking pre-Internet), everything seemed imaginative, over-the-top, and pretty incredible. But here we are in 2015, and in actual fact, Back To The Future II managed to predict many technological developments. 

We’re not kidding. From hoverboards (yes, really) to self-tying trainers and the iPhone’s fingerprint recognition, these are the things the film managed to forsee. It’s just a shame we haven’t managed to transform an old car into a time machine just yet…

3D Cinema

When he arrives in 2015, Marty is terrified by a 3D, moving image of a shark, which is part of an advert for Jaws 19. While the franchise didn’t extend past the fourth film, 3D has become a cinema staple. Although to be fair, we’d probably still be quite terrified of a holographic shark

In Fact, Just Screens Everywhere…

As well as Marty’s run-in with the shark, he also observes the omnipresent TV screens broadcasting the news, seemingly projected from nowhere. Not so much of a novelty these days…

Hoverboards Are A Thing!

If you’ve watched Back To The Future II, you’ve wanted a hoverboard. That glorious, pink floating skateboard that Marty zooms about on seemed like the stuff of dreams, but as of 2015, it’s a reality. Yup, several companies have developed their own take on the board, with Hendo and Lexus both producing successful prototypes. They do need a magnetic track to work, however, but they can hover on water (unlike Marty’s):lexus hoverboard animated GIF

Let’s be honest, though; they still don’t look as fun as this…

back to the future animated GIF

Self-Tying Shoelaces

from animated GIF

Er, obviously we all wanted these Nike hi tops. Who wouldn’t? THEY TIE THEMSELVES. And, in answer to our prayers, Nike has promised to release an actual pair of these sneakers with in-built motors. Perfect for when we’re riding on our hoverboard, then. 


dog animated GIF

They might not walk our dogs (yet) but drones are now commonplace in our world. They’re used in every sphere, from the military to the world of fashion (hello, Fendi catwalk) and everything in between. We are still waiting for the day we see this, though. 

Fingerprint Recognition

news animated GIF

While Marty’s in 2015, we see his arch enemy Biff pay for a taxi using just his fingerprint. Crazy, huh?! Well, no. We now unlock our phones 46482293948 times a day using just our thumb print. And don’t get us started on Apple Pay…

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Google Glass

loop animated GIF

Those virtual reality headsets were basically the predecessors for Google Glass, which debuted in 2013- a whole two years early! It combines all the technology of your smartphone and allows you to communicate with the Internet via voice commands. What witchcraft is this?! 

We particularly enjoyed Doc’s snazzy silver variety…

back to the future animated GIF

One thing we’re glad to have avoided thus far?

Dehydrated Food

movie animated GIF

The day Pizza Hut actually starts selling dehydrated mini pizzas will be a sad, sad day indeed. 

back to the future animated GIF

No Marty, it’s 2015! Happy Back To The Future Day