ASOS Just Brought Back A Seriously Unexpected Trend From Our Youth

While the world feels like a pretty unpredictable place right now, we certainly didn't see this coming. In an unprecedented turn of events, ASOS appears to be making skater jeans A Thing again. Deputy Fashion News Editor, Hannah Banks-Walker, investigates...

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t give Avril Lavigne enough credit. I took that woman’s picture to the hairdresser every six weeks (or thereabouts) for about three years. Every single time, my hair had to be straighter, longer, slightly thinner. It’s a wonder that any women who endured- sorry, enjoyed- adolescence during the early-mid noughties didn’t burn every hair on her head to a crisp.

The ultimate skater girl, I spent my days coveting Avril’s canny layering of vest tops, her seemingly redundant sweat bands (worn on both wrists) and her superfluous ties. But it was undoubtedly her jeans that were the star of the show.

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Avril Lavigne wearing skater jeans

From skater jeans to superfluous ties, Avril Lavigne’s style really was everything. Quite literally.

While I’d like to tell you this is an article celebrating the work of Avril Lavigne, that’s going to have to wait because- BREAKING NEWS- ASOS has just brought back skater jeans. Or should that be Sk8r Jeans?

Either way, they’re here. And I use a plural pronoun there because there is more than just one pair for sale. Seriously, there are MULTIPLE pairs of skater jeans to choose from. Is anyone else finding this news difficult to comprehend? Just when we thought we’d seen it all…

Skater Jeans at ASOS

Denim Skater Pants, £40, ASOS                                                  STYLENANDA Jeans, £55, ASOS

To be honest, we shouldn’t be so surprised. The past couple of years has seen the return of the tracksuit (soon to be made into a movie. Kidding) thanks to the likes of Chloé and Vetements. Naturally, this sportswear basic is no longer the affordable combo it once was. Chloé’s tracksuit top alone would set you back over £1,000 and to purchase both joggers and track top from Vetements would cost upwards of £800. In fact, Vetements has been responsible for some unlikely (and v expensive) new style heroes. Taking its cues from classic streetwear themes, the cult label has made the hoodie one of the most desirable items on the market, not forgetting those DHL tees that were hundreds of pounds and promptly sold out- much like everything else the brand produces.

Anyway, back to ASOS. As mentioned above, there are indeed various pairs of skater jeans from which to choose. There’s the traditional, mega flared, plain style or, even more daring, the cropped, high-waisted, super baggy style complete with that crucial noughties detail- pockets. Liquor & Poker, a brand that is sold on ASOS, even has a pair, which are styled with- wait for it- a chain. Yes, as in, those chains that clip on to the front of your jeans and swing right on round to the back.

I’m still coming to terms with this skater jeans renaissance of sorts but if anything good has emerged from this shock situation, it’s that I’ve rediscovered Avril Lavigne’s first album, which I will be enjoying from here on out.

Donald Trump- stay with me, here-recently boasted that his inauguration on Friday is set to be such a popular event, “All the dress shops are sold out in Washington. It’s hard to find a great dress for this inauguration.” I would like to suggest that, should any poor, desperate women find themselves in this frustrating situation, they ask themselves what Avril would do.

When they’ve got the answer, it’ll be worth noting that ASOS has a very efficient overnight delivery service. Skater jeans at the White House? They wouldn’t be the worst thing there.