This New ASOS Collection Is Based On Romeo & Juliet

If you've long been wondering how to marry your fashion obsession with your favourite Shakespeare play, ASOS's new collection is for you. Say hello to Reclaimed Vintage x Romeo and Juliet...

Romeo and Juliet has, since its conception in the 16th Century, been told around the world in its original form, as a ballet, an opera and even a Hollywood blockbuster, such is the enduring power of Shakespeare’s tragedy. Just when we thought we’d seen this famous love story in all possible forms, along comes ASOS’s new collection- and it’s all about the star-crossed lovers.

We’ve been huge fans of ASOS’s Reclaimed Vintage brand for a while now. All pieces are made of reworked fabrics, from pre-loved leather and repurposed items, meaning not only is it one-of-a-kind, it also has sustainable credentials. From ruffled gingham skirts to Molly Goddard-inspired tulle dresses, this label is no stranger to our ASOS basket.

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Reclaimed Vintage x Romeo and Juliet

Dress, £65                                                                                 Jumper, £35

Reclaimed Vintage x Romeo and Juliet takes all of the usual cool, slightly grunge aesthetic and adds to it a kitsch take on romance. We’re talking oversized sweaters adorned with huge love heart motifs, blush coloured, balloon-sleeve midi dresses, lace dresses embroidered with roses and leather jackets bearing ‘star crossed lovers’ on the back. Shakespeare’s words, meanwhile, are woven through the range- there are even entire passages of text written on crisp white shirts.

Reclaimed Vintage x Romeo and Juliet

Jeans, £80                                                                                  Jacket, £85

Khaki utility jackets bear the name of ‘Capulet’ and boyfriend jeans are decorated with symbols which represent the story of Romeo and Juliet. There’s also a wrap dress embellished with tiny crosses and slogan t-shirts, meaning you can choose from explicit references to Shakespeare’s work or a mere nod to the narrative.

Reclaimed Vintage x Romeo and Juliet

Dress, £65                                                                              Jacket, £250

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this feels like perfect timing if you’re feeling the love. Or maybe you’re just a huge super fan of The Bard. Either way, Reclaimed Vintage x Romeo and Juliet feels fun, whimsical and- as mentioned- kitsch as hell. Just what we all need to bolster our Monday mood.