The Insane Amount Of Money ASOS Made In The Past 6 Months

Here at LOOK HQ we’re pretty obsessed with ASOS, and it appears you guys are too.

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The Guardian has reported that the online retailer is making more money than ever before. Over the last six months the fashion site has seen sales up a whopping 21% – a total of £667.3m. Yes, you heard that right. If the brand continues to sell as it has been its yearly sales figures will come in at well over a billion pounds. That is a lot of monochrome parcels…

So what is the reasoning behind this crazy increase? Apparently social media is a big factor, in particular Instagram and Snapchat. Hands up if you’ve shared your ASOS haul via Instagram or Snapchat? Yep, we’re definitely guilty of that one.

Nick Beighton – ASOS’s Chief Exec – equated its financial success with how the brand has adapted to the needs of its millennial customer. ASOS communicates with its millions of fans via Instagram and Snapchat, and regularly offers them exclusive content and discounts encouraging them to shop.

ASOS’s mobile site is now where 70% of their traffic comes from, and half of their sales. Plus, the biggest growing channel for the online destination is now the ASOS app.

Gone are the days where you had to be at your desk to place an order. You can get your fashion fix wherever you are simply by opening an app on your phone. Seriously dangerous for our bank account but excellent for ASOS’s profits. 

All this talk of shopping has got us itching to visit our favourite site. If it all gets a bit overwhelming check out the LOOK edit of new ASOS pieces via the Fashion Drop

Images: @asos