ASOS’s New Website Has Caused A Massive Stir Over On Twitter

Let's all take a deep breath, people

ASOS definitely has us wrapped around its little finger. First it gave us same day delivery, and then it launched its try before you buy service.

Cheers for making us skint just before Christmas, guys. Real helpful.

But not everyone is quite so happy with its latest change. The brand has unveiled a new website, which basically has the whole of Twitter up in arms.

So what exactly is different? Well, the design of its shopping pages has been updated, and the navigation bar has been edited to make searching easier.

Say hello to the new ASOS site…

However, the quick view functionality has been removed – and people are pretty upset about it.

Tweets include: ‘Asos updated the layout of their website and I feel betrayed what have they done its awful there’s no ‘quick view’ anymore?? that’s like online clothes shopping 101,’ and: ‘I’m liking the revamped @ASOS website but why isn’t there quickview anymore?! 😩 [sic].’

Others just can’t get used to the new layout. One shopper wrote: ‘Im irrationally angry at the new ASOS website. I DON’T LIKE CHANGE,’ while another said: ‘What did you do to your website? πŸ™ It used to be so easy to use… [sic].’

Happily for ASOS, there are also plenty of good reviews, such as: ‘LOVE the new @ASOS website 😍,’ and: ‘Your new website is cuuuuute!’

TBH, we get that it can be difficult to adjust to change. But we think everyone should just give it time.

And let’s be honest, nothing’s ever gonna stop us shopping on ASOS. Because that’s a life-long addiction right there.