This Is What ASOS Really Stands For


So it was only last week we found out that River Island used to be called something totally different (click here and your whole life will change), and now we’ve had another high street store name revelation. This one concerns the meaning of ASOS, otherwise known as the biggest etailer in the world (or our world, at least).

Granted, some of you may already know what the name stands for, but 90% of the Look office is still in shock. In shock that from 2000 when the site first launched as a celebrity copy clothing site, to 2003 when the site changed its name to ASOS and ditched the celeb angle, ASOS was known as… Brace yourselves. Ready? As Seen On Screen.

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We mean, it makes sense since the whole premise of the site used to be to find things celebs had worn on TV and sell them to its customers, we just can’t believe it’s taken us this long to find out. It looks like a load of Twitter users have only just realised too…

@QueenBeady, no more confusion please.

Shooketh is write, @salmadream3.

See. You learn something new everyday. And for those of you who already knew, why on earth did you never tell us? Seriously, guys.