Fancy Some Vintage Gucci From Just £40? It Could Be Yours…

If you're not already a regular customer then head over to ASOS Marketplace immediately, where you'll find vintage designer treasures galore- and at bargain prices...

Just when you thought you’d heard every way in which we love ASOS, along comes a new reason to get excited. As fellow obsessives, we have no doubt that you’re probably already a regular on ASOS Marketplace, a platform on which you can shop some amazing clothes and accessories from independent boutiques all around the world.

It’s the ideal way to shop for unique pieces from labels and designers your friends haven’t heard of, avoiding the inevitable twinning moments that often occur when both you and your BFF have visited the high street recently.

While there’s a mix of new and vintage fashion, ASOS Marketplace is now launching a rare edit of some of the best designer vintage in the business. Some of the best boutiques have searched high and low to collect and curate over 100 womenswear, menswear and unisex pieces from luxury brands like D&G, Moschino, Gucci and Burberry.

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ASOS Marketplace vintage Tommy Hilfiger

There will also be a lot of sportswear in the new ASOS Marketplace edit, including vintage Tommy Hilfiger finds

But wait: we haven’t told you the best bit, yet. Prices start from as little as £40. Honestly. No catches, nothing shady up our sleeves. Just the actual starting price of this designer vintage treasure chest of dreams.

Naturally, with such a range of items on offer, there’s also a range of prices catering to every budget. There are, for example, vintage Ossie Clark pieces that will cost up to £1000. On the other hand, there are also vintage Tommy Hilfiger jackets for a decidedly more modest £299.

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So, for your chance to shop original and vintage pieces from the likes of Calvin Klein, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Adidas and Guess, click your way to ASOS Marketplace, where the designer edit will launch on Friday (24th Feb).

At least you’ll never live in fear of turning up in the same outfit as your friend again. Unless, of course, that friend is also reading this article. You’d better get clicking. In fact, start by clicking here to shop ASOS Marketplace right now.