Have You Heard This *Very* Exciting ASOS News?

Free returns, next day delivery with ASOS premium, and a helpful Twitter feed for customer enquiries, ASOS sure know how to keep their customers happy.

And today’s news confirms the shopping experience is going to get even better. Not that you needed another excuse to add some more items to your overflowing basket…

Following a successful six-month trial with 300,000 customers, ASOS have today announced they plan to roll out a reward scheme to all of their customers. Possibly the best news we’ve had all month? Erm, yes!

While many high street retailers offer reward schemes (shout out to The Boots Advantage Card for many a free meal deal), this is the first time a major fashion retailer has launched such a scheme.

And much like these other schemes it works on the premise that the more you spend, the more points you gain. Say goodbye to your overdraft…

asos @asos


The finer details have yet to be announced by ASOS but we imagine it will work in a pretty similar way to how it worked in the trial.

In the trial each time a shopper spent £1 spent they were awarded 5 points. Points are worth 1p each and once shoppers had collected 500 points (i.e. spent £100), they were given a £5 voucher to use on their next order. Sounds pretty great to us.

ASOS have also confirmed that alongside the points you collect (and rewards you gain), the scheme will also offer shoppers birthday discounts, free next day deliveries and exclusive content. Very exciting indeed!

asos @asos

The official launch date has yet to be revealed but it has been reported as happening in the next sixth months.

Not long to go then. It’s time to start planning that wish list…

By Elizabeth Bennett