This ASOS Shopping Hack Will Save You Serious Money

It actually works!

ASOS has literally everything you could ask for in a retailer- clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, sportswear, lingerie- everything. Imagine how good it would be if there was a way to save money when shopping on the site then. Imagine, and then turn that imagination into reality reality, because it is. It’s all down to a handy little hack.

Step one: once you’ve found something you want to buy, click on the top right hand corner and change the country from United Kingdom to United States. The price of the item will then show up in dollars.

Step two: on the same drop down menu as the one you’ve just switched countries on, change the currency to GBP £.

Step three: watch the price drop.

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Easy peasy lemon squeazy.

Let us explain; prices of certain brands in America are much lower than they are in Britain, so changing your country tricks the site into thinking you’re buying in America, meaning you can take advantage of the cheaper prices.

As well as that, the pound remains strong against the dollar- the current exchange rate is $1.35 to £1, so shopping with American prices will provide you with significant savings.

There’s just one thing to remember- while ASOS offers free shipping and returns, ordering outside of the UK means you might be charged custom and import duties.

Check before you confirm on checkout, but chances are you’ll still be better off shopping as though you’re in the US than you would in the UK.

Don’t say we don’t treat you…