The New Insta Account That Will Make You LOL

If you're not following @asbos_sos, you should be!

We love a good meme, (who doesn’t) and our latest Insta crush for a lunchtime LOL is @asbos_sos.

You’d be forgiven for not hearing of it until now – the profile only started a couple of weeks ago – but we’re already hooked. We mean, srsly, high five to whoever started this account.

Fuelled by the weird and wonderful items seen on ASOS, @asbos_sos basically says what we’re all thinking – if we were really, really funny. Genius.

And as much as we love ASOS, (we mean, at least 70% of our wardrobe arrives in ASOS packaging) we have to admit, there are a few items online that make us think WTF?!

Case in point; unicorn headbands. To wear in public. And that faux fur coat complete with an animal face on the back…. We rest our point.

Here’s a few of our favourite posts to get you started…






We mean, if that didn’t improve your hump day, we don’t know what will.