The Art Of Power Dressing, By Hillary Clinton

Thought politics had nothing to do with your wardrobe? Behold! Hillary Clinton and her endless masterclass in how to pull off a power suit, by Hannah Banks-Walker.

I need to preface this by saying that it really infuriates me when female politicians are reduced to what they wear, particularly when said politician just so happens to be Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, previous Secretary of State and (please God) the next President of the US.

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It does also have to be said that fashion, for all its frivolities, is one of the most effective tools with which one can communicate. And, since her turn as First Lady, Hillary has proved that she knows an outfit can speak a thousand words. She was, for example, the first woman in the White House to wear trousers for an official portrait.

And trousers, as you well know, were once for men’s legs only. In fact, Hillary has- by her own admission- well and truly made the ‘pantsuit’ her own. Over the years, she must have worn one in just about every colour, in just about every country.

And don’t think those rainbow shades are an accident, either. In the first Presidential debate back in September, for example, Hillary wore a bright red suit by Ralph Lauren. Red is a colour usually attributed to the Republican Party, suggesting Hillary was being deliberately subversive. But it is also a colour that symbolises passion, strength, love and courage. It’s certainly a colour that can’t be ignored.

As a woman in what is still largely a man’s world, Hillary’s choice of trouser suits are the true definition of power dressing- she has taken a traditionally male form of dress and made it entirely her own. On 8th November, when America’s votes are cast, at least one thing will be certain: Hillary Clinton wears the trousers.

They are her sartorial Trump card.