Ariana Grande Tells Us Five Facts We Never Knew

Fans of Ariana Grande got a real treat at the weekend when she was grilled in a hilarious video interview by co-star Emma Roberts.

The 22-year-old has been dominating the music scene for a while now, but actually, there are still some seriously surprising facts to be learnt about the pop princess.

Because, did you know that there’s a particular word that makes Grande want to gag?

In a new Fox production called Between 2 Queens, Ariana is grilled by her Scream Queens co-star, and the results and pretty hilarious.

Here’s what we learnt.

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1. She has weird nicknames. Ari is the one we knew about, but did you know her manager calls her ‘Ar’? ‘It’s like, how short can you get?’ Ariana laughed.



2. Her celebrity crush is Orlando Bloom. Well, it used to be anyway. The singer admits to having owned a Legolas pillowcase from back in the days. We’ve all been there.



3. She’s got a phobia of a particular word. ‘Ointment’, in fact – apparently it makes her feel sick. ‘It’s the worst’, says Ariana. We personally think moist is a worst offender, but each to their own.

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4. She has six dogs. And they’re called Toulouse, Coco, Ophelia, Cinnamon, Fawkes and Sirius. But we already knew that, so…



5. She loves an inspirational quote. Guess what’s on her phone background? Only a compilation of quotes that say ‘a whole bunch of nice things.’ We like that attitude!


Watch the video for yourself below!