Everybody’s Talking About Ariana Grande’s Jacket On SNL

So basically, Ariana Grande totally killed it on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

The 22-year-old pulled off an impressive double whammy on the American sketch show, taking over hosting duties as well as serving as the musical guest.

She’d wowed with spot-on impressions of stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Britney Spears and Whitney Houston before taking to the stage to perform her new single Dangerous Woman.

> Ariana Grande clearly wasn’t planning on wearing her jacket properly


Of course, her vocals were on point. But unfortunately for Ari, all anybody could talk about was, er, the black jacket she was sporting.

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She’d styled the piece to fall off her shoulders and gather around her waist. But as she began the song, the left sleeve came off altogether, leaving the piece dangling from her right wrist. 

> Oops. There it goes…


She popped the jacket back on, but it quickly slipped down again. Not ideal.

But what exactly was going on here?! Was it a wardrobe malfunction? Why didn’t she take off the the rest of the jacket? Was she trying to make this look a thing?!

As expected, Twitter had something to say about the sitch.

> So confusing


Comments included: ‘Did no one teach Ariana Grande how to wear a jacket?’ and: ‘I wanted Ariana Grande to either take off the jacket or put it on during her SNL performance… MAKE UP YOUR MIND GIRL!’

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> Seriously


If a malfunction, others were impressed that the misbehaving jacket didn’t affect her performance, with one viewer writing: ‘wow this wk’s SNL was crazy! Ariana Grande got her jacket stuck on her arm & sang with it for the entire performance.’

Watch the performance below and decide for yourself…