Ariana Grande Is Body-Shamed By US Talk Show Host

Ariana Grande fans are furious after US talk show Wendy Williams body-shamed the singer on air.

The One Last Time singer is known for her petite frame, cute feline features and signature half-up ‘do, and there’s no denying she’s one totally gorgeous starlet. 

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But 51-year-old Wendy had other ideas when she recently slammed Ariana’s appearance on The Wendy Williams Show.

‘She’s 21. She’ll forever look 12,’ Williams said to the audience. ‘And I don’t mean that in a good way. It’s nice to look younger than you are, but when you look too young and then you’re short – she’s only like 4’11”. 

She continued: ‘I don’t look at her as, like, a woman.’ 


Obviously, the presenter’s comments left viewers incensed, and they quickly led to the hashtag ‘#CancelWendyWilliams’ to trend.

‘#CancelWendyWilliamsShow So, since you are petite and look younger you don’t deserve to be considered a woman?’, wrote one angry fan. 

‘The awkward moment when a “12 year old” looks better than you’, slammed another.


Whilst Wendy hasn’t yet commented on the backlash, it seems Ariana has decided to react in the most mature way.

The star tweeted over the weekend: ‘love only.’ Rising above, we see…

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While body-shaming is nothing new, it’s still sad to see it happening between women in the spotlight. Plus, we’d give anything to look as hot as Ariana…

Wendy should really have focused on what anti-ageing moisturiser Grande uses, because that’s what the people are really dying to know.