Ariana Grande Has Some Pretty Great Break-Up Advice

Break-ups are HORRIBLE, right? But if you’re newly single, Ariana Grande has some advice for you.

Yep. After her split from Big Sean, it seems as though the 22-year-old has become rather wise on the subject of relationships.

And while she’s staying very coy about her talent as an agony aunt, we’re seriously impressed with her girl power stance.

> Ariana Grande split from Big Sean earlier this year


‘I’m not going to pretend I have great break-up advice. It’s hard. Good luck. You’ll be fine. You don’t need anyone,’ Ariana tells V Magazine.

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‘It’s nice to have someone that makes you happy, but it’s nice to be happy on your own as well. You don’t need to depend on another person for your happiness.

‘That person can contribute to your happiness, but you’re two whole beings on your own.

> Ariana Grande doesn’t rely on men for happiness


‘You can make each other glow, like you just ran through one of those rainbow stars in Mario Brothers, but you’re still completely capable, sufficient, and beautiful, and can be happy on your own.

‘That’s my break-up advice! There you go! I got it!’

We’ve gotta say, we’re feeling pretty empowered right about now.

> Ariana Grande tells it how it is


Despite Ariana and Big Sean’s romance coming to an end in April, there’s a fairly obvious lack of Taylor Swift-style break-up songs on her new album.

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This is because she’d ‘kind of moved on’ by the time she began writing, saying: ‘I’m in a happy place. There aren’t any break-up anthems because I had moved on. I was like, alright. Well, f*** it.

‘I’ve been feeling a lot more empowered, and grown up, and independent. I think that’s part of the reason I didn’t want to make a p*****-off break-up song.

> Ariana Grande is our new girl power icon


‘I was not focused on that. Everything is nice and great right now…why would I write about some bull****? I’d rather write about some really lovely things that are going on.’

We hear you, Ariana.