Research Confirms Unicorns Are Actually Real

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve probably spent a lot of time wishing there was some truth to the mythical past that came before us. Unicorns included.

Well, now, according to new research, your wish is our command. Kind of.

New research from Russia’s Tomsk State University published in the American Journal of Applied Sciences has just revealed that a fossilised skull from the so-called “Siberian unicorn” has been uncovered (yes, it has a HORN!).

No, unfortunately it wasn’t found beneath our local Topshop down on Oxford Circus, rather in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan. Gutted.

Apparently the bones reveal it looked nothing like the beautiful creature we’re picturing, either. Instead, it looks a lot more like a rhinoceros, being 6 foot tall, 15 foot long and weighing roughly 9000 pounds. Not so magical after all, eh…


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Aside from all that, there was another VERY interesting discovery. Despite existing research suggesting that unicorns became extinct 350,000 years ago, the fossils found prove that the skull was actually on Earth only 29,000 years ago!

We KNOW. Rhinoceros or no rhinoceros, the thought of a horse with a horn roaming the Earth so recently gives us goosebumps all over.

Whatever next?! Elves, pixies, mermaids?!

In 2012, Animal Channel even aired a programmed claiming to show evidence that mermaids were real. Last year, the real life elves of Iceland were plastered all over the news. And now this?!

Watch this space.