Are Rihanna And Kanye West Going On Tour?

Photos: Instagram

Complex magazine has officially started the biggest rumour of 2015. Moments after the “Four Five Seconds” vid was released – featuring the hot collab between Paul McCartney, RiRi and Kanye – the magazine posted this very suggestive snap onto their Instagram page.

Surely this must mean that Rihanna and Kanye are headed for the biggest tour of 2015. Just think of the Kardashian-filled stadiums and social media madness that will ensue if this actually turns out to be true.

Although there has been no official confirmation on whether the tour will actually be going ahead, this stack of papers sure looks like it could be headed that way. Will that be the tour logo? Will we call them Rihanye? Or Kananna? Will Rihanna and Kim become besties? Will little North be RiRi’s biggest fan?

Only time will tell!

What we can’t wait for is those stage outfits. Kicking it off with oversized denim in their new vid, we are certain the tour outfits would be sensational. Sequins, leather joggers and see-through sequin dresses – both of their signature styles merging are sure to result in one heck of a stage wardrobe.

Fingers crossed we will see it happen in 2015!

By Amy de Klerk