Are Kim Kardashian And Alexa Really Pushing Furry Shoes?

Fur-lined heels, anyone?

Okay, so when we first saw Kim Kardashian getting ready for her date night in California with Kanye West by donning a pair of strappy Céline sandals with fluffy tufts lining the soles, we thought two things.

Firstly, that they looked comfier than a pair of shearling-packed Uggs.

But secondly, we coud only imagine how clammy her tootsies must have been…

Anyway, the fur-lined Célines disappeared, and we thought nothing more of it. But now, there’s Alexa Chung.


The British presenter shared a snap of the new Classic Sheepskin Lined Suede Birkenstocks on Instagram, with the caption: ‘My feet might feel humiliated, but I would be very happy in these.’

Aaand, we kind of feel the same. 

Yes, it’s still freezing, but why should our feet stay covered up the whole time? These bad boys would keep us toasty and let us show off our pedi.

It’s going to be a Marmite one, we know. And with no fur-lined heels currently on the high-street, we think we’ll start with our fur-kenstocks. Shop them below…

By Robyn Munson