LOOK Confesses Their Worst April Fools’ Pranks Ever

It’s April Fools’ Day, and what better way to celebrate than look back at the most ridiculous jokes the LOOK team have ever pulled? From that pregnancy text, to fraping mum, we’re not quite whether they’re so good they’re bad, or so bad they’re good. Decide for yourselves…

“I once left the sheets in my hotel room wrapped up as though there were a dead body inside. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see how the joke went down, but I sure felt smug about it.”






“When I saw a mattress out for rubbish next to my neighbours’ garage, I knew I had to take my chance. They were out for a cycle at the time, so I stood behind the mattress until I heard them returning and jumped out. The Dad of the family was so taken aback he actually fell off his bike!”













“It was my last year at uni, and I’d gotten a reputation for being the butt of the joke, so I decided to get my own back. My flatmate was out on a date, so I went into his room and turned absolutely everything upside down. Bed included. His romantic evening out didn’t turn out as he’d hoped…”






“My mum is absolutely terrified of birds. She’d wound me up about coming home late so I decided to lighten the atmosphere with some LOLs and brought home a pet owl. I had no intentions of keeping it for good, but my mum was so angry it made the situation even worse!”


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harry styles omg scared screaming







“I hate my mum being on Facebook so I decided to do something that’d make her delete it. The answer? Creating a fake Tinder account, screenshotting and plastering it all over her page with the caption ‘So proud of myself for finally getting back on the market, don’t be afraid to match ;)’. She lost it.”





90s life angry mom dude








“I texted my mum to tell her I was pregnant. I was only 17 at the time and after she looked as though she was going to pass out, I had to tell her the truth. It lasted all of 1 minute… Fail.”













“Whenever my boyfriend and I get Krispy Kremes he always leaves me the rubbish flavours, so a few years ago, I decided to get an empty box and fill it with vegetables. His face was priceless.”










Happy April Fool’s ladies! (Nope, these are all TRUE).