5 April Fools’ Jokes Making Us LOL This Morning

From expandable heels to tartan paint, these are the brands that have had us in stitches this morning…


1. Voted for by our Deputy Fashion News Editor, Gemma Gow: Ted Baker’s brilliant expandable heel really put a spring in our step.

Ted Baker footwear truly stays one step ahead of the competition, and is now able to be the first in the market to bring out a revolutionary version of wearable tech.

Elevate your style with these adjustable heels. Simply sync your heels to the Ted Baker app via Bluetooth, and the height of the stiletto is now in your hands.

Use the slider to add or take away inches – will you stay grounded at two, step out with four, or stand tall with six?

Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

Sunlife Beard Insurance Sunlife Beard Insurance


2. Voted for by Picture Editor, Tomasina Brittain – SunLife Beard Insurance: “Should comfort all wannabe hipsters.”

To promote their new beard insurance, SunLife has created a new 60 second online advert highlighting some of the potential risks bearded men may face, from accidental flame singing to malicious hair removal on a stag weekend.

“SunLife is a brand that’s never afraid to lead the way, so we’re delighted to be the first national provider of this kind of product, which we believe will prove attractive to anyone who’s attached to their beard.”

SunLife is also offering a complimentary beard warmer to anyone who takes out insurance before 30th April 2015. For more details please visit sunlife.co.uk/beard.

Valspar Tartan Paint Valspar Tartan Paint



3: Voted for by Picture Desk Assistant, Amy Ward – Tartan paint “That would be so cool!”

Check it out, tartan paint is possible!

Tartan is riding high on the fashion agenda and it is set to take the interiors world by storm too as Valspar prepares to launch its revolutionary Tartan Roller and Paint Collection, designed to make the previously impossible possible by recreating a classic print hailing from the highlands on walls nationwide.

We wish!

Vicky Patinson Vicky Pattinson




4.  Voted for by Senior Digital Writer, Robyn Munson – Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattinson is set to become Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer? “Utter genius.”

After Kanye reportedly blasted Kim’s personal trainor, Geordie Shore’s Vicky convinced the world that she was due to fly to LA, ready to train Kim herself.

Um. We totally fell for this.


Driverless Bike Dominos Pizza Driverless Bike Dominos Pizza


5. Voted for by Giselle Wainwright, Features Writer –  Dominos Pizza: The world’s first driverless car

Whilst in motion, the Domi-No-Driver’s H.U.N.G.A.R. system (Hunger Detection And Ranging) will detect real time obstacles, ensuring maximum safety for road users.

Quicker pizza, guys!

Did you spot our very own April Fools’ day news this morning?

By Tomasina Brittain