Gigi & Bella’s Little Brother Joins The Modelling World

First Gigi, then Bella and now, Anwar. The Hadids are slowly taking over the Delevingnes, Kardashians and the Waterhouse family as the most powerful modelling troop around. Following in the footsteps of his two gorgeous sisters, Anwar Hadid is now offically on board the fashion wagon too.

Scoring a spread in Nylon magazine, Anwar has begun what we can only assume will be one very succesful modelling career. Although he is yet to be signed, it’s surely only a matter of time before he is snapped up by the agency that represents both his sisters, IMG.

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In the spread – which is part of the ‘It’ girl issue featuring sister Bella – Anwar shows off his chiselled cheekbones in a black jumper and jeans. There’s no doubting that this 16 year old will fit the bill for hunky model as he grows up.

> The genes clearly run in the family.


After mother Yolanda Foster had already carved out a succesful modelling career in her youth, her eldest daughter Gigi Hadid burst onto the scene last year, quickly securing her place as one of the world’s most famous supermodels and younger sister Bella soon followed suit. The two are currently ruling fashion month as they take from catwalk to catwalk and book campaign after campaign.

Clearly an inspiration to Anwar, the youngest Hadid has praised his sisters for what they have done for him. In the interview with Nylon magazine, he says:

“My family is my foundation. My sisters are awesome; they probably taught me everythign I ever need to know about girls. My mom is very liberal, but also old fashioned when it comes to manners. She taight me to always be kind and treat others with repect.”

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As well as belonging to one of fashion’s most famous families and spending time with the likes of Lucky Blue Smith, Anwar isn’t going to have any trouble hitting the big time.

By Amy de Klerk