Stop Everything! Anti-Aging Gin Is Now A Thing

We all know that one of the side effects from a night on the razz (you know, other than a prickly head, overwhelming sense of tiredness and that all-round vom feeling) is gross skin. From the moment you wake – AM or PM depending on when you actually got to bed – your skin is totally depleted of moisture, making for a less-than-glowing complexion. However, that could be about to change.

People have now used the power of science to create a new brand of gin that’s actually proven to have anti-aging properties in every sip. Created by contemporary food designers Bompas & Parr, the spirit caught our attention with its pun-perfect name alone – Anti-aGin. Whoever came up with that one definitely earned their day’s salary, amiright?

Boasting 40% volume, it’s claimed that the gin is still of the highest quality – the only difference is that it’s distilled with pure collagen.

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Commissioned by hotel group Warner Leisure, the spirit was also co-designed by Nicky Hambleton-Jones – you know, the blonde haired and statement specked gal from 10 Years Younger – and claims to be as rejuvenating as a facial. Yes, really.

Speaking of the beverage, Nicky said: ‘By including some classic botanicals known for their rejuvenating properties and combining it with drinkable collagen, it’s the alcoholic equivalent of a facial.’

The list of ingredients is so premium, we doubt your local Whole Foods would stock them. We’re talking tea tree with nettle, witch-hazel, chamomile, gotu kola, coriander, juniper and angelica root with a cardamom twist.

How much will this wonder-tonic set you back? Not as much as we expected TBH – £35 a bottle. Of course, if you happen across one of the 13 Warner hotels, you can buy it by the glass at the bar.

Ok, so we doubt the bevy will give us Kardashian, ahem, perfect skin but our Friday night drinks have the potential to keep our skin looking youthful, we reckon it’s worth a second round…