We Have The Answer To Your 5p Carrier Bag Problem

Hands up if you always forget to bring your carrier bags from home everytime you go shopping....

One thing that everyone can agree on is that the carrier bag tax has been a truly great environmental triumph – as of last summer a HUGE 6 billion less plastic bags were used in the UK, saving almost 41 tonnes of plastic!

So whilst we’re sometimes a little forgetful and tend to accidentally leave our (re-usable) plastic bags at home we’re always super reluctant to spend 5p on another – one more bag to add to the (growing) stash that we inevitably forget. Which is where a handy, durable and long-duty tote comes in! Retailing at a little more than 5p these cotton/canvas options are a sleek way to carry all of your essentials on a daily basis – whether that’s everything that doesn’t fit into your compact cross-body or your weekly shop en route home from the office.

Available from some of the high-street’s favourite stores these are the totes we’ll be tote-ing all summer long…

River Island, £2

Zara, £9.99

Marks & Spencer, £4 (all profits go to Unicef’s UK Children in Danger campaign)