Anne Hathaway Has A Wild Miley Cyrus Moment

If anyone was going to be impersonating Miley Cyrus, we would NEVER have guessed it would be Anne Hathaway.

Taking on her legendary – and controversial – Wrecking Ball music video, the Hollywood starlet did her very best imporsonation of pop’s resident party girl. And we have to say, she pretty much nailed it.

It’s no surprise really, as the Les Miserables actress has more than proved her talent for role versatility in her lengthy on-screen career.

Donning a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a crop top – which she swiftly ripped off to reveal a pair of Cyrus-style high waisted pants – Anne wore her hair combed back, mirroring Miley’s very own music video look.


Keeping it real, the Devil Wears Prada star wore lengthy nail extensions in a popping white hue, teamed with the singer’s signature bold red lips.

Against the backdrop of a captivated LL Cool J and a giggling Emily Blunt, Anne performed her heart out for the televised Lip Sync Battle.


But what really had us in awe was the star’s moves. That demolition ball will never be the same again.

Don’t believe us?

Watch the video for yourself…

Great sport, Hathaway.

By Laura Jane Turner