Sleek and chic in bubblegum pink Victoria Beckham

19 Times Anna Kendrick Ruled Twitter

From her hilarious Twitter feed IRL to her amazing on-screen persona as Beca in Pitch Perfect it’s fair to say we’re pretty much obsessed with Anna Kendrick the actress, the singer, the human, EVERYTHING. And today it’s her 30th birthday! So we thought we’d recap all the times she made us mega LOL and all the times she made us swoon on the red carpet.

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First up, here are our fave fancy frocks…

Anna Kendrick wearing Monique Lhuillier at the Golden Globes Princess perfect in Monique Lhuillier at the Golden Globes


Anna Kendrick wearing Thakoon at the Oscars Ruling the red carpet at the Oscars in a peachy Thakoon cut-out halter dress


Anna Kendrick wearing blue and purple Stella McCartney Looking pitch-ure perfect (geddit?) in a colour block Stella McCartney gown for the Pitch Perfect 2 premiere

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And now for the tweets…



One of the definite perks of not having a boyfriend



Don’t worry Anna, there are plenty of other sweet treats out there. We recommend Tangfastics



Who is this rude FedEx girl? And who could ever be rude to Anna Kendrick? We’re working on what we would say if we ever saw her, too



If Anna joined 1D, it might, just might, help us get over the pain of Zayn leaving



Alongside X-Pro, B&W is one of the best filters out there. And dogs need fur inspo too, right?



Better than sloppy and miscalculated, no?




Say it, SAY IT!



Yeah we try and be healthy too, but there’s always pizza lurking in the back of our minds




Because nudity should always be clean, right?



But you’re just so good at it, Anna




Who would’ve thought?




We’ll never look at Jamie Dornan in the same way again




Yeah, we never wanted one of those anyway…




Turns out AK also wants to be a wolf-tamer



Miranda Kerr, are you listening? To be fair though, she probably just gets carried across the terminal



Best. Song. Ever.




Useful for the vending machine anyway




We spoke to Ariana about this. She goes to good old Toppers




We’d be pretty happy if we were stuck being Anna Kendrick


By Hannah Brimson