Amy Schumer on the red carpet

Amy Schumer And Anna Wintour Swap Jobs – And It’s Hilarious

To celebrate Amy Schumer’s first Vogue cover, the comedian swapped jobs for the day with the fashion bible’s editor, Anna Wintour, and the results are hilarious! 

Everyone’s favourite comic and the notoriously icy Vogue queen are unlikely candidates for a ‘Freaky Friday’ style job swap. But as it turns out one is actually more successful than you might think. 

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In the opening scene, Amy and Anna sit in a formidable New York office not dissimilar, or more friendly, than that of Miranda Priesley. And Anna, in her trademark dark sunglasses, clearly isn’t impressed with the July cover star’s outfit, asking; “Is that jersey?” 

Amy Schumer on the red carpet Amy Schumer on the red carpet


“I have to be honest with you, I’m not feeling the most, like, comfortable I’ve ever felt.” Amy stutters. “Really?” Wintour replies. “I mean, Amy, you look very comfortable.”  

“I get it. You wished I was dressed more like a….”

“A woman?”


The pair exchange a few further digs about the ‘ease’ of each other’s jobs. “Oooooh thats not in anymore. That jacket is out. ” Amy mocks. “Men and women are sooooo different.” Is Anna’s response. It’s handbags, and jokes, at dawn. 

US Vogue editor Anna Wintour US Vogue editor Anna Wintour


The pair agree to swap jobs for the day and what follows is nothing short of spectaluar. Dressed to the nines in a fitted dress, heels and sunglasses (obvs!), with a coffee cup the size of her arm, a nervous looking Amy sits through a fashion ‘run through’ straight out of a scene from The Devil Wears Prada. “Is that a skirt?” She asks. It’s safe to say she’s not taking to the role like a duck to water. Nor is she taken with her protien only lunch. 

Meanwhile, “Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue, who does clubs and colleges” is a hit. “Is anyone on a first date? Last date?” is Anna’s opening line and is met with a huge applause. Who knew? 

It’s safe to say the willing duo make for the perfect comedy double act. And we just LOVE Amy on the July cover.

Maybe the Vogue editor isn’t as icy after all.  But remember Amy, “Wintour is coming.”

By Leigh Williams