Amber Rose Takes The Walk Of No Shame In Funny Video

Amber Rose has starried in a hilarious new video for Ride Or Die, which sees the model strutting her curvacious stuff in last night’s black bodycon dress, with heels-in-hand and a full face of make-up. 

The video, which is called ‘The Walk Of No Shame’ and has already gone viral, shows Amber challenging the notion of ‘slut-shaming’.

The video has, predictably, received mixed reviews. But Orange Is The New Black star Matt McGorry has praised the skit as a work of genius. 

‘For those of you on board with the message, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this as much as I did’, he wrote on his Facebook page. ‘This video is not encouraging women or other genders to be ‘promiscuous,’ it’s encouraging a society where we don’t judge women and call them ‘hoes’ for the same reason that we’d give a guy a pat on the back and call them a ‘pimp.’



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‘You don’t have to want one night stands for yourself to honor and respect a(nother) women’s choice to. Heavens forbid a woman just wants to have sex with a guy once,’ he concluded. 

‘Strong women scare weak men. Stay empowered.’

In case you missed it, the video shows Amber making her way home, on what would typically be described as the walk of shame, she is met with a series of comments from passers by.

But, perhaps, not the sort of comments you might expect. 


An older lady, who is playing chess with her partner, shoots Amber a look of solidarity and says: “Nothing I haven’t done before.” 

A construction worker dispelled all of the stereotypes and said cheerily, “I respect that you enjoyed yourself last night.”


In fact, the Mayor even stops her to present her with the key to the city, on the grounds of the “confidence in the choices you make and your ability to celebrate your body.”

The only negative encounter seems to be with the guy she spent the night with, who chased her after she had appeared to forget to leave him her phone number. 



The video is very tongue-in-cheek, and is clearly aimed at poking fun at slut-shamers in a light-hearted way. But it still makes you think. 

> Amber Rose and Kanye West at Chanel’s PFW show, 2010

This is not the first time that Amber Rose has spoken out on the topic of shaming women. 

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The blonde, who previously dated Kanye West before he got together with his wife Kim, famously attended this year’s MTV Video Music Awards in a bodysuit painted with a number of slut-shaming buzzwords. 

> Amber Rose made a statement at the MTV Video Music Awards, 2015


We think it’s about time that shaming (in all its forms) stopped, don’t you? 

By Laura Jane Turner