Science Says This Is The World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Amber Heard is officially the most beautiful woman in the world – and not just by our judgement.

The news comes as the results of the latest scientific face mapping study carried out by Harley Street physician Dr Julian De Silva. The aim? To measure the level of perfection against Phi’s ‘Golden Ratio’ according to 12 facial markers.

Sure enough, Amber came out on top with an impressive 91.85 per cent, closely followed by Kim Kardashian with 91.39 per cent and Kate Moss in third place with 91.06 per cent.

So how exactly does it work?

> Researchers used features from A-listers to create the ‘perfect’ face

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Dr De Silva explains: “If you look at the height of the nose in proportion to the width of the nose that will give you a ratio you can correlate with the Golden ratio.

“If it is perfectly in line with the Golden ratio then it would be 100 per cent. You can apply that similar principle to other parts of the face.

“Amber Heard had a near perfect ratio of nose dimension 99.7 per cent and her chin was also almost perfect. Across the 12 key markers for nose, lips, eyes, forehead, chin and facial symmetry and shape Amber Heard had the highest combined score.”

Sounds a lot like a chemistry class to us…

Here’s the full top ten:

Amber Heard – 91.85 per cent

Kim Kardashian – 91.39 per cent

Kate Moss – 91.06 per cent

Emily Ratajkowski – 90.8 per cent

Kendall Jenner – 90.18 per cent

Helen Mirren – 89.93 per cent

Scarlett Johansson – 89.82 per cent

Selena Gomez – 89.57 per cent

Marilyn Monroe – 89.41 per cent

Jennifer Lawrence – 89.24 per cent