9 Things You Need To Know About Amber Anderson

Burberry is very clever. Renowned for snapping up the next ‘It’ models while the rest of the world watches in awe, that’s exactly what the brand has done with the very beautiful Amber Anderson. Burbs has always known Amber was going to be huge in the world of fashion, as it’s had its eye on her since February, asking her to open and close the A/W ’15 runway show. Not only has Amber graced the Burberry catwalk, she’s also featured in the British label’s latest campaign, where she walks alongside musician Ranald MacDonald sporting the iconic trench and Burberry check scarf. And she looks damn good while doing it, too.

Amber Anderson on Burberry runway Burberry chose Amber to open its A/W ’15 catwalk show


But what else do we need to know about Amber?


1.     She’s only 22!

2.     She’s been going out with hottie Paolo Nutini for just over a year, and she stars in his music video for Diana. In fact, that’s where they first met. Aww!

3.     She’s an animal lover

Amber Anderson with her cat Purrrrfectly content with one of her cats


Amber Anderson with dog She chills with pooches too


4. In 2011, she featured in Kenzo’s campaign for the fragrance Madly Kenzo

Amber Anderson in Madly Kenzo advert Now you can smell like her too


5. She’s modest. In 2013, Amber told Vogue: “I never wanted to model. I mean, I never thought I could.” Er, is she blind?

Amber Anderson on the red carpet Wowing on the red carpet. We need that black sequinned Burberry midi


6. She’s got friends in high places. Even Naomi’s on board


Amber Anderson with Naomi Campbell and Clara Paget Just hanging with her model mates


7. She was born in Glastonbury (does that mean she can get us some free Glasto tickets?), but now she lives in Notting Hill

8. She somehow makes a crown look sexy

Amber Anderson wearing diamond tiara Let’s hope she didn’t drop those diamonds…


9. She can act too! In 2014, she had a small role in The Riot Club playing Lady Anne, and in 2011 she starred alongside Natalie Portman and James Franco in Your Highness. She didn’t go to drama school though, it all just comes naturally. Yep, she really is that perfect.


Follow Amber on Instagram here: @amberanderson22

By Hannah Brimson