The chicest host of The Celebrity Apprentice ever?

Will Amal Clooney Host The Celebrity Apprentice?

Not only is Amal Clooney a human rights lawyer, one of the best dressed ladies we’ve ever seen and married to George Clooney, she’s now rumoured to be adding yet another string to her bow. This string comes in the form of potentially hosting The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, which would mean replacing current host Donald Trump. Yep, it’s totally unexpected and a little bit bizarre but that’s why we love the fickle world of showbiz. In case you’re wondering what happened to Donald, he got fired as host of The Celebrity Apprentice in June this year after making derogatory remarks about Mexican immigrants. 

According to The Sunday Express, 37-year-old Amal is on the shortlist to replace Mr Trump, with a source revealing: “Basically, we want Amal, although there are a couple of other prominent women in contention. As well as the cachet of being married to George, she is also a highly respected figure in her field. Since she rarely says anything in public, there is still something of an air of mystery to her. We think she could be a perfect fit, if her schedule can be made to dovetail with shooting requirements.”

The role is apparently appealing to Amal as filming takes place in Manhattan, which is where she and George live. It’s also not far from Columbia University where she’s working as a visiting professor (see, we told you she could do everything). Just. Imagine. The. Outfits. We’d watch it for that alone.

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So who are these other prominent women in contention, we hear you cry? Other celebs rumoured to be in line for the role include Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg and Jessica Alba thanks to her Honest Company credentials (again, we’re dreaming of outfits).

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Go on, Amal. Just say YES. She probably won’t, but we can live in hope. Maybe we should start a petition?