Alison McGovern Told To Cover Up Her Cleavage On TV

What happened to female MP Alison McGovern after she appeared on Channel 4 earlier this year has made us really cross.

The female MP went on to discuss George Osborne’s plans for future governments and the British economy and made some great, valid points.

But it seems that a certain viewers had some ‘valid points’ of their own to make, as Alison soon found out after receiving a letter following the show.

The author, dubbed JG Hunter, didn’t reveal whether they were male or female, but had some grievances to share with McGovern about her dress sense.   

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‘I listened to you on the 7pm Channel 4 news tonight’, it read. ‘However, I couldn’t help wondering why you felt it necessary to demonstrate your cleavage so obviously on TV. I can only imagine that it was deliberate in order to attract attention to yourself as the Labour spokesperson?’ 

It continued: ‘As a Labour member might I say that your prominent cleavage distracted your male observers from hearing what you were saying. Indeed, as an experienced woman politician, I found this strategy – hardly accidental – for someone of your age and experience difficult to comprehend.’

The writer ended their letter with: ‘This is not a complaint, however, merely an observation.’

Alison reacted brilliantly, by posting it to Twitter and writing: ‘Trying to laugh rather than cry over the same old same old…’ 



Former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith tweeted her own message of support in response, posting: ‘Been there, done that, taken the crap. Sure you’ll treat that with the contempt it deserves and keep up the fab work.’

It’s not the first time female MPs have been pulled apart for showing ‘too much’ cleavage on TV, either – who could forget when Labour counciller Jessica Asato also shared her own laughable letter from back in 2009. 

‘When you go out and especially when you appear on TV please dress appropriately’, wrote one viewer named John Reynolds. ‘On the Daily Politics you displayed your cleavage. Please cover your breasts properly. Have some dignity.’

We’re just happy that these people are being outed for all the world to see. Oh, the joys of Twitter…