Alfie Deyes Has Had Some Pretty Bad Fashion News

It’s not a great day for Alfie Deyes.

Unfortunately for the YouTube star – also known as Pointless Blog – he’s been named one of the WORST dressed men in Britain. Eek!

This is despite the fact that he’s dating Zoella. Who, er, is one of the country’s most famous fashion and beauty vloggers.

> Alfie Deyes is dating fellow vlogger Zoella


Alfie received the unflattering accolade from GQ magazine, who’ve compiled a list of who they believe to be the least fashionable guys across the UK.

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So what’s their reason for nominating Alfie? Well, according to the publication: ‘The YouTuber’s attempts to dress boy-next-door-wacky would test the patience of a saint.

> Alfie Deyes is clearly confident with his look


‘The title of his channel says it all – pointless.’

Strong words, right? But of course, not everybody will agree with their view.

Alfie seems to be a big fan of ripped jeans, beanie hats, cosy jumpers and loose-fitting tops. Which for some girls (i.e. Zoella), is a total dream.

> Zoella and Alfie Deyes scrub up pretty well


Fans seem particularly upset about Alfie’s placing, with one Tweeting: ‘How is Alfie one of the worst dressed!!’

Another wrote: ‘So Alfie was in the top 10 for the worst dressed males of the year.. Okay what that’s not true.’

What probably things even more awks for the 22-year-old is the fact that his pal Jim Chapman made it on to the BEST dressed countdown.

> Jim Chapman has been praised for his fashion looks


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Poor Alfie. See the full list below…

1) Paul Hollywood (The Great British Bake Off host)

2) Josh Widdicombe (Comedian)

3) Jake Hall (TOWIE star)

4) Alfie Deyes (Vlogger)

5) Ian Murray (MP)

6) John Inverdale (Broadcaster)

7) Stevi Ritchie (Reality star)

8) Robbie Savage (Ex-footballer)

9) Owen Jones (Writer)

10) Chris Evans (TV presenter)