Why Kate Middleton’s Wedding Gown Is In Big Trouble

Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress will go down in history as being one of the most iconic bridal gowns, possibly, ever.

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Girls across the country swooned over her fairytale day. And her Alexander McQueen gown sparked a whole wave of copycat brides, not only across the country, but across the globe too.

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If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably remember perching on the edge of the sofa, gawping at the television, just waiting for Prince William’s bride-to-be to emerge. The world waited with bated breath to see what design the soon-to-be Duchess had chosen for her special day.

And, WHAT a dress it was!

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Now, one designer is suing clothing label Alexander McQueen over the bridal gown; she claims that they used some of her sketches for the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress.

Bridal designer Christine Kendall alleges that the now-famous dress, designed by McQueen’s creative director Sarah Burton, features some of her ideas. Christine, who owns a small design studio, claims that she had submitted some sketches to the palace before the Royal Wedding.

Addressing these allegations, a spokesman for the Duchess told the Sunday Times that she had never seen the drawings.


Christine’s legal proceedings against Alexander McQueen have gone to the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court. Her lawyer states, ‘Proceedings have been issued because our client is certain that her company’s design was unfairly taken and copied.’

But they insist, ‘The claim is not against the Duchess and there is no allegation of wrongdoing against the palace.’

Alexander McQueen fiercely denies these allegations. A spokesperson has said, ‘We are utterly baffled by this legal claim…

‘Sarah Burton never saw any of Ms. Kendall’s designs or sketches and did not know of Ms Kendall before Ms Kendall got in touch with us – some 13 months after the wedding.’

The brand concludes, ‘We do not know why Ms. Kendall has raised this again, but there are no ifs, buts or maybes here: this claim is ridiculous.’