Someone Is Making Clothes From Alexander McQueen’s Skin

According to Oyster Magazine, a student of Central Saint Martins named Tina Gorjanc is planning to use the DNA belonging to the late Alexander McQueen to grow skin for an upcoming fashion project. Yes, you did read that correctly.

Aptly named, Pure Human, Gornaj has sourced the DNA for the collection from from the locks of his own hair that were sewn into McQueen’s first collection Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims. Riiight…

She has already used this DNA to create a small skin sample, and plans to turn bigger pieces into ‘human leather’ goods. Her collection plans include designs for a jacket, backpack and handbag.  


> Gornaj’s mock ups



We’re going to be frank here: the whole thing sounds a little creepy. Would you really tote an accessory made from human skin? In particular, one that is supposed to emulate this skin of someone now deceased – even if that person was one of fashion’s most distinguished designers?

There is
method behind the madness, though. Gornaj explains on her site that the project aims to make a point about the possession of one’s body after death.

As she expalins on her website, Pure Human is “a critical design project that aims to address shortcomings concerning the protection of biological information and move the debate forward using current legal structure.”

Gornaj’s project highlights an important ethical dilemma: what ownership do you have over your own body after death? Currently there is no law in place to stop people using other people’s DNA, a point this project clearly demonstrates.


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