Alexa Goddard On Her Fashion, Fitness And Beauty Rules…

Hi Alexa! We’re loving your new single ‘We Broke The Sky’ right now. Who are you biggest music inspirations…

Thank you! Well, I’m a huge fan of 90s R&B – so I love Destiny’s Child, TLC and Aaliyah. And old soul singers like Sam Cooke and Donny Hathaway. My album’s definitely pop, but is influenced by so many different types of music.

And you’re signed to Jay-Z’s cool label Roc Nation. How was it meeting Beyonce for the first time?

I had a real fan-girl moment. I met her last year in Paris after one of her shows, and I was like “I’m really trying to hold it down right now. Because I am such a big fan,” she said, “you’re doing a really good job, well done.” When you meet your idol you think ‘oh please be as nice as I think you are,’ – but she was better.

Who’s your fashion icon?

I love Bridget Bardot and Marilyn Monroe. But I also love Rihanna – she’s just so cool how she wears clothes to express herself.

How would you describe your own day-to-day style?

I’ve got a crazy fashion sense. Sometimes I’ll put on joggers and a jumper, but another time I might put my thigh high boots and leather shorts on – it just depends on my mood. If I’m performing at a festival I tens to wear flats or trainers though – I love to jump around!

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Your go-to beauty look?

I’ve never been one for heavy eye makeup day-to-day, I look like a clown! I prefer a strong red lip.

What’s your three makeup essentials?

I have really dark circles under my eyes so MAC’s prolong wear concealer is the best. A bit of bronzer and blusher is always good I think. And a good lip gloss freshens up your look, if you haven’t got time to put lots of makeup on.

And how to you keep in shape?

I want to be able to jump up and down without running out of breath on stage, so I’m all about keeping fit. It’s more about keeping healthy and strong. I do high intensity training at home, or go to the gym and use weights.

Alexa Goddard’s new single ‘We Broke The Sky’ is out now.

By Emma Firth