3 Ways Alexa Chung Is Exactly Like Us

You're about to see her in a whole different light...

There are plenty of reasons to love Alexa Chung: 1) She provides us with endless outfit inspo. 2) She’s hilarious. 3) She designed a collection we can all afford so we can all look exactly like her. We could go on, but we’d probably be here all day. In her most recent interview, though, she gave us an even bigger reason: she’s just like us.

Speaking of her new Archive by Alexa collection for M&S, she told the Telegraph: “I worry. Not necessarily about approval. I’m kind of a Girl Guide, so I don’t want to let anyone down – especially not the brand that has brought me in to give them my opinions. But really, I just want my friends to like it and people that I know. When I’m making something, I always have someone in mind. My friends are my muses.”

SEE: Archive By Alexa For M&S Is Back

The next Archive by Alexa for M&S collection lands on November 1st

The next Archive by Alexa for M&S collection lands on November 1st

See. She even plays the whole ‘What would mum do?’ scenario in her head when things aren’t going as planned. “The Great British Bake Off technical challenge was crumpets (yes, she was on the show last year) and I won because in my head, I was like: ‘What does Gill Chung do?’ I always see her put a wet tea towel over stuff and I absolutely smashed it.” Exactly what we’d have done.

And when you’re just so exhausted there’s nothing you can do but laugh it off and make the best out of a bad situation? Alexa does that, too. “I’m working really hard. It’s why I’m brain dead at the moment. I haven’t slept for a while. I do the 3am to 6am shift, which is lovely. If anyone’s got some spare kids they need me to look after, I’m available.” LOL.

As for her next Archive by Alexa collection, it’ll land in stores in 9 sleeps (not that we’re counting) but you can get all the deets here while you wait. Now can we be bessies, Alexa?